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Partnering with your School’s Math & Science Teachers- the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’

Wednesday, August 6, 2014   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Melanie Blau McDonald
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Surprisingly, we all seem to know that when we form partnerships with teachers in our schools, the kids learn more and their test scores (I know that’s just one measure, but bear with me) improve. We also readily admit that most of us have backgrounds in the humanities and therefore it’s easier for us to partner with English teachers, History teachers, even the French teacher, rather than the Math teacher or Science teacher. In her research paper, Janet Bader explains clearly why we need to let go of our own insecurities and get started building those math and science partnerships. “Strengthening the Connection Between the School Library and Math and Science” is a well-researched literature review covering collaborations between school librarians and math and science teachers. Ms. Bader briefly covers how poorly American students are doing in these areas, so you have your ‘why.’ She also shares the evidence, that when we partner, students’ learning improves. Finally, she covers how you may want to go about improving your school library to encourage math and science exploration both within your walls and beyond. The ideas come from your peers and are documented in the excellent bibliography. My personal favorite, volunteer to be the scene of a ‘crime’ for a forensics science class!

~ Melanie

Bader, Janet. Strengthening the connection between the school library and math and science. Research paper. July 22, 2014. 36pp. University of Central Missouri.

As mentioned in the Collaborative Librarianship News, thanks Joe Kraus!

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