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2016 Teen Reading Challenge
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Teen Reading Challeng 2016

The Rules

The Challenge runs on the honor system. We're not going to call and quiz you about the books you reported reading; there are no book reports; please don’t text us pictures of every book you read. With that in mind, please swear on your honor that you will:

  1. Log only books you have actually read
  2. Only log books you read between Feb 1st and March 31st
  3. Honestly report the number of pages in your book (or trust the ISBN to do it for you, without argument)
  4. Read books you legitimately believe teens would be interested in
  5. Read manga and graphic novels because it benefits the teens, NOT to boost your page count
  6. Name at least ONE read-alike for titles read (see "What do I get out of it?" below)
  7. Be part of a team (Consisting of at least 3 people and you may recruit others from your library, friends, people from other libraries... whoever you think would enjoy the challenge! The main thing is to make sure they feel comfortable suggesting read-alikes and/or providing other sorts of Reader's Advisory.)
  8. Register beginning JANUARY 11th at THIS LINK

What's new?

Well, me, for one thing!

Hi, I'm Cassondra and I'm the new Technology Educator here at SWON Libraries. Great to meet you! Feel free to email me at if you ever have any questions about TRC or anything else (though you'll get better answers if the questions are in my purview)!

Okay, but what's new about TRC, you ask?

Screenshot of Google Form 

Here's a sneak peek at the new form!

Goodreads, while a fun site that I use on the daily, was difficult to export data from. LibraryThing is easy to export data from (and an awesomely powerful library tool), but not as user-friendly. So, this year we are (with a little help from Google) going it on our own! Registrants will enter information into a Google form, which will plot the information directly to a spreadsheet, thus eliminating the middle man. We're beta-testing, stress-testing, and doing everything we can to make sure this goes smoothly. That said, unforeseen things are bound to happen, so keep an eye out for any news or updates regarding the new method of data collection.


What do I get out of it?

Besides fun?

Well, we hope you find some great new titles to recommend to your teens. We also hope to provide you with some useful Reader's Advisory material. While, in the past, we've been a bit ambitious regarding this second goal, this time around we will be scaling it back a little and trying something new.

We'd like you to:

  1. Make some suggestions for read-alikes your teens are looking for. You'll see this when you register and you'll be able to select these options when you log your books
  2. Make an effort to name at least ONE read-alike title for the books you log

We'll collect additional information that you can peruse at your leisure, but we are hoping these read-alike lists will be a quick and easy way for you to get something of value out of the program. (Many thanks to Eden Grey, Teen Librarian with the Kenton County Public Library system for the genesis of this idea!)

Oh, yeah, and prizes...


That's right, prizes.

1st Prize: The winner will receive $250 to be used for the library's teens. You can use it for books, supplies, towards some Makerspace tech, a pizza party... as long as you spend it on your teens!

2nd Prize: Second place will receive a copy of games-in-education specialist (and creator of the game Freedom: The Underground Railroad) Brian Mayer's book Libraries Got Game and a copy of your choice of Power Grid or Pandemic. (And don't forget, you can borrow these and other games from our Games to Lend  collection.)

3rd Prize: The third place team gets a free tech program from Cassondra. I'll come out with some of our Tech to Lend any time in the summer or later and work with you and your teens on how to use it. Don't feel limited to the programs on the program page: If you are interested in some tech we own, I can make a program around it! (This prize available to Supporting Members* and Geographic Members* because it requires me to travel. If you are out of our Geographic service area, you will receive a copy of Brian Mayer's book Libraries Got Game.)




*To check your membership status check our Supporting Member page. If your institution is listed, you are a Supporting Member. Geographic members are non-member institutions within our Ohio service area. Please check the Geographic Membership page for more information.



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