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Dungeons & Dragons 5e
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12/10/2015 at 6:48:40 PM GMT
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Dungeons & Dragons 5e

So these forums don't get too much love. I'll post this here in case it might be helpful to others!

So, this summer, I started an unofficial D&D program that grew based on word of mouth alone. I had 15 teens (and some young adults like up to 22) coming to my program. Once I went official in September, we've grown steadily from 20 to nearly 29 the last time I held this program earlier this month.

This program is open for teens AND adults, if only because this is one of the few environments where interactions are usually NOT expressly creepy, but even without the adults, I would have had 25 teens present ages ranging from 11 to 19.

I think a major reason this program is succeeding is because I have empowered some of my teens to DM their own games. We are all also using the same system for our games, which is known as D&D 5e (5e = 5th Edition). Each game has something unique about it: mine is semi-standard, but takes place in a Steampunk world. Another game has all the players as evil characters trying to take over the world with dragons. Another takes place deep underground and is a fight for freedom from slavery. The last game we have is a Pokémon Mystery Dungeon game, but in 5e.

For anyone who is interested in running a D&D program, but isn't sure about it since D&D seems very complex and confusing -- 5e is probably the easiest one to get into! They have really streamlined the rules, and made the game accessible to all. Not everything is required to be settled by dice rolls unless you want it to be. Its a pretty flexible system overall.

If anyone needs help learning 5e, drop me a line. Its really an awesome system.

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