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E-Rate: Modernize and Terrify

Thursday, October 16, 2014  
Posted by: Nathan Swartzendruber
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In July, the FCC published a modernization order of changes to the E-Rate program, and it paints a new focus for the program. The news release explains the program’s revised shift to broaden Wi-Fi and broadband access and gives the briefest mention of what they’re pulling away from: voice services.

According to the full document (PDF link), they will reduce voice support by 20% each year instead of phasing out support immediately. It’s time for the change, they say, because more money needs to be put toward broadband and broadband is a higher priority than voice services. Also, increasing availability and reliability of VoIP services (which offer voice services through a broadband connection) makes independent telephonic services less needed.

Did I just write “independent telephonic services”? Yes, it gets complicated quickly. For administrators, this directly impacts their library budgets, so knowing how these changes will apply to them is no small matter. OPLIN has listed more details about the changes, for a start.

If you’re preparing for E-Rate changes, come to a workshop. OPLIN is providing several in-person workshops across the state, including one at SWON’s office in Cincinnati on November 3rd.

The Ohio Department of Education is offering a number of E-Rate Workshops, in-person and online, as well. With lots of changes and lots of workshops, make sure you get the help you need.

  • Nathan Swartzendruber, SWON Technology Educator

ALAO’s conference is coming

There’s just one more week to register for the 40th annual Academic Library Association of Ohio Conference, to be held November 14th. Read about the keynote address by Courtney Young, ALA President, as you peruse the preliminary program. Registration closes October 22nd, so consider registering today.

Hoopla, plus plus

Last week Nathan asked for help documents you’ve created for Overdrive, to be shared on SWON’s website. We’re interested in more than Overdrive, though. We’d like to see what you have for Hoopla, Freegal, 3M, OneClick Digital, Flipster, and whatever other vendors are providing downloads for your patrons. We’re hoping that a look at the big picture will help us frame the small stuff. To help, email Thanks!

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