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The Teen Reading Challenge is back for 2015!

Friday, January 9, 2015  
Posted by: Racheal Mick
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On New Year’s Eve Day, we baked sweet rolls with friends. I was lead baker because I’d made them several times before. It quickly became obvious that, although I had more experience with this recipe, I did not have more skill. My dough kept sticking, and my rolls all turned out different sizes. We laughed over spilled flour, and the rolls were delicious.

When the 3D printer arrived at SWON, it came with the wrong instruction booklet. You know things have gone south when the printer starts spooling strands of melted plastic in mid-air. We laughed, found correct instructions online, and started again. Now you could play chess with pieces we printed.

That’s how learning goes. It’s messy, and it helps if you can laugh. It doesn’t always look productive or efficient, and sometimes a start leads to a dead end. But learning is also a place we can meet–our patrons, and each other–on common ground.

When we learn alongside other people, we give them a gift. We show that we don’t expect them to know all this already or to learn it perfectly after being shown once. At school, on the job, learning doesn’t always look like that. When we set ground rules that support this kind of learning, it gives us the chance to learn, too. That’s a resolution worth making for 2015.

  • Nathan Swartzendruber, SWON Technology Educator

Summer Reading Program Workshops

Look past the current arctic conditions and you’ll see another SRP on its way. For those of you looking to bulk up your programming, we have a series of webinars in February. Speakers haven’t been formally announced yet, but most are from out-of-state, so look forward to some new perspectives.

SWON is also hosting an in-person workshop on March 18 at the Washington-Centerville Public Library. It’s an entirely new set of presentations from our fall workshop. Add your voice at the Idea Share and register now to join us.

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