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We're Learning. Here's Proof.

Monday, March 23, 2015  
Posted by: Nathan Swartzendruber
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If you've worked on a grant, you probably recognize the word "outcomes." It's what foundations want to see. Sure, they want you to do things: buy new equipment, reach out to the community, put on programming. But what is the impact of what you do?

What has changed for the people who came? Are they now able to use the new equipment? Did they create their first online resume? Did they learn some new vocabulary? Print out a picture they took? File their taxes successfully? To find out, you'll probably need to ask people questions before and after a program, to see what's changed. These are outcomes, and they can make your programs more effective.

SWON and the other Regional Library Systems are being asked to tie all their continuing education to outcomes. Specifically, to the Competency Index for the Library Field compiled by WebJunction. So, to take our upcoming Level-Up Lab on Web Usability Testing as an example, will be geared to improve this Digital Resources Technology competency:

Understands the principles of usability and the protocols for user testing; develops and maintains a robust practice of user testing on all interfaces, including mobile technologies and platforms (laptops, tablets, phones, other emerging technologies)

We'll have lots more to share about the Index in the coming weeks. In the meantime, it's a great resource when you want to explain what you do or what you want to learn through further training.

  • Nathan Swartzendruber, SWON Technology Educator

SWON's Staff Training Symposium is May 12

At the spring Staff Training Symposium, Nathan's leading a session on Outlook Email. He'll help you get things organized and teach you how to set up filters to help keep it that way. In the Competency Index, you'll improve your beginner-level and intermediate E-mail Program Proficiency.

He's leading a second session that demonstrates how to operate SWON's 3D printer. It's a great primer for people who have never seen a 3D printer before, let alone learned how they operate. In the Competency Index, this will help prepare you to be one who "Provides programs and services that enhance literacy, reading and STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) skills."

Learn about the Symposium's other sessions and register for this day in Dayton at our website.

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