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Take a Powerful Pose

Thursday, April 2, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Nathan Swartzendruber
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We speak with body language all the time. Body language can reveal how we're feeling, even when we don't want to share our thoughts. Researchers have learned that the link between brain and body language runs both ways. That is, your body posture can change the levels of chemicals, including cortisol and testosterone, in the brain. Changing your body language can literally change the way you think.

In her TED Talk from 2012, social psychologist Amy Cuddy describes tests she and her collaborator Dana Carney devised to understand this phenomenon. They developed several high- and low-power poses, both standing and sitting, for test subjects to assume for two minutes. They measured their testosterone and cortisol levels before and after posing.

A seated
power pose
A seated power pose

Subjects who had taken high-power poses measured higher levels of testosterone (a hormone linked to dominance) and lower levels of cortisol (a hormone linked to stress). The opposite was true for subjects who had taken low-power poses: lower testosterone and higher cortisol.

So before you go into a meeting or a presentation or a classroom, find a private spot and lift your chin. Put your hands on your hips; take up more space. Pose like Wonder Woman or Superman or even Buzz Lightyear. There are no special words to repeat. Two minutes can help you communicate more persuasively and effectively.

  • Nathan Swartzendruber, SWON Technology Educator

Get a body language boost at SWON's Staff Training Symposium

While a two-minute power pose can give you a boost, using positive body language in other ways can have a lasting impact. Improving your body posture can project confidence and improve your mood. An becoming a better interpreter of body language can improve your customer service interactions.

Learn how to put these ideas to work at SWON's Staff Training Symposium, with Holly Klingler's keynote talk. Holly holds a certification in nonverbal analysis/body language and has performed trainings on general body language, safety and conflict management, public relations, interviewing, and more.

Join us for an energetic day of learning at the Staff Training Symposium on May 12th in Dayton.

Level-Up Lab: Give your flyers and newsletters a Publisher boost

A good design gives your message a huge boost, whether you're making a flyer for the wall or a newsletter to post online as a PDF. In this Lab with Nathan, you'll learn some beginner-basics of design that will help your documents get their message across. Then you'll learn to use some essential (and rather hidden) tools in Publisher to speed up your work.

Bring your own files, print-outs, or work in progress! Nathan will help set up your file and offer design tips on request. Join us at SWON April 15th for the Publisher Level-Up Lab.

ALAO 2015 Conference proposal deadline extended to 4/24

ALAO is extending the deadline for the call for proposals, for both break-out session presentations and poster sessions, for its annual conference this fall. Their website has presentation guidelines available, which include useful tips and examples. And don't forget to save the date for the 2015 ALAO Annual Conference, November 20th.

ACRL Framework program registration

Learn about the Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education from Craig Gibson, co-chair of the ACRL task force that was charged with writing it, at this April 20 program. That's just around the corner, so please register now to reserve your seat.

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