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Innovation Conversation: Teaching Through Games

Thursday, December 3, 2015   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Melanie McDonald
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Most of us have games in our library. Whether it is for stress relief (as in the case of an academic library where I worked) or in recognition of the role games play in learning, there seems to be consensus around having games in libraries. New brain research* suggests that we're already hard-wired to play and learning through something we're already made to do makes sense. But how do we move past Candyland and Trouble which on the face of things don't seem to offer much in the way of stimulation, let alone learning? As with much of what libraries do, a curated collection is the way to go. Talking to Millenials is a time effective way to sort the engaging, fun (and funny) challenging in person games, from the boring, lackluster or lacking in storyline. My son is a font of information about challenging games including warning me about games that may take days to play.**

  • Melanie McDonald, SWON Libraries' Director

*Panskeep, Jock.The Archeology of Mind.

**"Axis & Allies" which took up our family room for a number of weeks

Hear Brian Mayer talk about Teaching Through Games

At the next Innovation Conversation, December 9th, Brian Mayer will share the story of how he teaches with games.

Want to know more about how he teaches through games? Or how he collaborates with classroom teachers or school librarians? There will be time to ask those questions and plenty of others during the conversation.

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