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Supervisor's Tool Kit

Wednesday, January 6, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Melanie McDonald
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Supervisor's Tool Kit - February 2016

Whether you've been a supervisor for years or you're new to the position, Melanie's Supervisor Tool Kit is designed for you. With a questionnaire, reflection, debrief, activities and discussion, this day offers lots of perspectives from which to assess what you know and where you would like to grow.

Supervisors must balance a variety of competing priorities. Fortunately, the necessary skills of an effective supervisor can be learned. In this one-day program you will learn about the five key supervisory skills and have a chance to put them into practice during a game simulation. We'll also complete a self-evaluation relating to the five skills and you'll develop a plan of action by the end of the day that relates to the skills you'd like to most improve in the following 90 days.

Join Melanie for the Supervisor's Tool Kit at Hebrew Union College on February 10th from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm. There is free parking at HUC!

We need a minimum number of registrations to hold the program and it's more fun if there are a variety of people from different library systems. So call your friends who work elsewhere and register today! (The games and interactive activities just won't work with fewer than 15 people.)

  • Melanie Blau McDonald, SWON Executive Director

Level-Up Lab: Women and Leadership

Let's start with some numbers: about 76 percent of U.S. women ages 25-54 are in the workforce.

The good news: In a large study by Catalyst ( it was found that women ranked higher than men in 12 out of 16 essential leadership competencies, providing that women have what it takes to lead. And women want to lead in the same proportions as men.

Women, however, are still underrepresented in leadership positions of all types. What's at work here? We'll take a look at some factors from recent research studies and then we'll look at how women can maximize their strengths and build their skills to become effective leaders in any organization. We'll spend more time on the areas chosen by participants so you'll have a voice in picking the areas you'd like to work on most.

Join your peers for this interactive two-hour workshop. Free.

Coming up on the calendar

Please register for online classes at least two days before they take place.

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