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Supervisor Tool Kit, #SRC2106 and a Computers in Libraries Discount

Monday, February 1, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Cassondra Vick
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Register for Supervisor Tool Kit (Registration Ends Friday -- Space is Limited!)

Your refrigerator should keep your food cold, right? If it also dispenses your favorite latte, that’s a perk.* Your vehicle should get you from point A to point B. If it looks stylish, has its own Wi-Fi hotspot, allows you to voice text your Grandma and shows personal entertainment on individual screens, all the better (I guess). Some would consider fuel economy and/or environmental impact, more important than all of those added benefits. But we still have to get from point A to point B. That’s a vehicle’s prime function.

That’s what our Supervisor Tool Kit is all about. There are core skills (core functions) inherent to being an effective supervisor. You can take all kind of training relating to your productivity, your organization, your legal responsibilities, managing your boss, customer service, creating a fun workplace, creating a workplace that welcomes diversity, etc. But if you’re not performing your core functions, neither you, nor your staff are going to be terribly effective together. Too often, these skills are ‘assumed’ – we figure we’re just going to pick them up on the job. It doesn’t have to be that hard! Come to our Tool Kit workshop and take away a 90-day plan you develop for yourself based on where you’d like to grow next (after we cover the core skills). Be a great supervisor by getting your core functions right. You’ll be happier, you’re staff will be happier and your organization will see how effective you can be.

February 10th is our next Supervisor Tool Kit Workshop. Take it now before you get really busy!


   ~Melanie A. McDonald, Executive Director SWON Libraries


twenty6TEEN is Underway!


Our inaugural event, the Teen Reading Challenge, is underway and we've got 21 teams and almost 200 people registered so far! If you'd like to add a team, or add yourself to a team, (you just need to know your team's name) there's still plenty of time! Just head on over to the #TRC2016 page to register.

Meanwhile, the twenty6TEEN page is being constantly updated. I'm sharing news, answers to questions about programs and TRC, and anything else I think you might like to know, so make sure and bookmark the page so you can check back on the regular and subscribe to the blog for regular updates!


Early Bird pricing for Computers in Libraries Ends Friday/ SWON Discount

Don't delay! Register for CIL now and don't forget that SWON offers a discount. Just email us for more information.

Computers in Libraries has always highlighted and showcased creative and innovative practices in all types of libraries, but this year with our theme, Library Labs: Research, Innovation & Imagination, we plan to feature truly transformative and cutting-edge research, services, and practices along with the strategies and technologies to support them.

Don't miss:

  • 18 preconference workshops
  • 13 targeted tracks
  • 75 sessions
  • 100+ industry-leading speakers
  • K-12 educator librarian track
  • Networking events
  • Innovative keynote presentations


Save $100 when you register by Friday, February 5!

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