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Building for the Future

Tuesday, May 3, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Cassondra Vick
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Dayton Metro Automated Book Return

Building the "Next Big Thing"

We here at SWON have recently had the opportunity to visit two of Dayton Metro Library’s newest projects – the recently renovated Miami Township branch for our Spring Membership Meeting last month, and the brand new Northwest branch, in preparation for next week’s Staff Training Symposium, The Innovators Next Door. And for Dayton Metro, innovation is where it’s at.

Pictured above is Northwest’s window on their automated returns system -- a critical part of their 24-hour availability -- which also includes a “holds locker” housed in a lobby that never closes. I had a chance to see the returns system in action at the Miami Township branch, and I was amazed to see a system of conveyer belts and RFID scanners that not only checked the books back in, but actually sorted them into bins based on whether they were print materials, AV materials, on hold at another branch, and so on.

Meanwhile, the 24-hour holds locker allows the library to be open for patrons 24/7/365. Holds are placed in the secured locker and at any time of day, the patron may enter their library card information and have their reserved book vended and checked out to them.

Both branches feature spacious lobbies with separately-lockable interior and exterior doors that make this customer-service-friendly innovation possible. Sometimes it is easy to get distracted by the shiny technology, but being ready for the next big thing also requires designing your buildings for the next big thing.

That’s where SWON is here to help.

We are looking to launch a new special interest group for those of you who are renovating, updating, and building new libraries. Making changes to a library or constructing a new one poses many unique challenges, but there are those in the area who have the benefit of experience and can share that knowledge with you. It also provides our members a chance to swap info on techniques, supplies, and vendors.

This is your chance to get in on the ground floor. If you are interested in participating in a library construction and renovation special interest group in any capacity (we’re looking for participants, leaders, vendors, presenters) please contact Melanie via email or at (513) 751-4422 for more information and get your building ready for the next big thing.

~ Cassondra Vick, Technology Educator, SWON Libraries

Makeup classes for your patrons

We are excited to pass on this offer for our members whose patrons may be interested in makeup tutorials. This would be a great summer program for the New Adult demographic!

Mary Spencer has years of experience working in salons and at brand-name makeup counters. For $50, Mary will do a demonstration that includes tips and tricks for daily makeup, and ideas for special event makeup or makeup for photography

To book Mary, give her a call at (513)693-6013 or email her at

Digital Inclusion Day

Non-profit organizations, libraries and local government working on broadband adoption programs have long discussed the need to coalesce around a goal of digital inclusion.  The time is now. The FCC’s expansion of Lifeline to include a broadband subsidy, their overall interest in increasing broadband adoption and increased attention to digital inclusion at local, state and national levels creates a unique opportunity. NDIA strives to create a connected world where the internet provides people the potential they deserve.

Join NDIA Friday, May 13th for the first National Digital Inclusion Day as they focus attention on empowering under-connected communities through increasing internet access and usage. The NDIA invites you to participate in a nationwide Twitter Town Hall discussion at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET about the impact digital access and skills can have on society, families and individuals.

The NDIA would also appreciate your support in their Thunderclap campaign. Thunderclap will generate a tweet, a Facebook post, or a Tumblr post on May 11th at 8pm, advertising the Twitter Town Hall discussion. Signing up is easy. Visit Thunderclap for more information.

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