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SWON Weekly: Pokémon and Picture Books

Tuesday, July 26, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Cassondra Vick
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Storytime for Everyone at Picture Book Read-In

We all want our storytimes to be fun, to educate, and, of course, to be interactive. But for the more than3.5 million Americanswith Autism Spectrum disorder – a set of disorderscharacterized by difficulties in social interaction– participating in storytime can prove challenging. We, however, need to be up to that challenge, as the prevalence of Autism and Autism diagnosis continues to increase. Between the year 2000 and the year 2010,the prevalence of Autism in children in the United States increasedby over 119%.


SWON’sAnnual Picture Book Read-Inis always a fun event, with plenty of time for you to read, of course, and to exchange ideas with cohorts involved in public libraries, school libraries, childcare, collection development, education… people from all types of libraries and educational environments who work with children of all types. And, increasingly, libraries are seeking ways to make their storytimes more accessible for this growing number of children with Autism and other sensory disorders.


We also hope that SWON’s Picture Book Read-In proves to be an educational and enlightening event – not just in the sense that we hope you learn more about the latest and greatest in picture books (we do!) and learn from each other (you will!), but also from the informative speakers that we seek out to provide you with new perspectives and fresh ideas.


Therefore, we hope that you will join us this August not only to read and to network, but to hear from Hollie Miller, who will present on the topic of “Storytimes for Children with Autism.” Hollie is an Early Childhood Intervention Specialist with Mt. Healthy Schools, holding degrees from NKU, Xavier and UC and will share ideas and strategies for you to meet the needs of this growing group of children, making your storytimes more inclusive and welcoming for all.


Having great books to share in storytime is important, and that’s why the Read-In provides you with plenty of time to binge-read the latest and greatest, but, after all, when it comes to storytime, books are only part of the equation.


Early-Bird pricing for the Read-In ends soon, so register by July 31stto enjoy $5 off this always-popular event and hurry, because space can fill up fast!

~ Cassondra Vick, Technology Educator, SWON Libraries

Pokemon Go

Patrons: Gotta Catch 'Em All!

Chances are that even if you don’t quite know what a Pokémon is, you’ve not managed to be unaware of the latest Augmented Reality sensation, Pokémon Go. You may have even noticed a larger-than-usual amount of folks in your library glued to their smartphones. However, you may not be completely familiar with what Pokémon Go is, or you may be wondering how libraries can use Pokémon Go to reach newpatrons, so I thought I’d share some links and ideas with you here:

The Basics:


What you can do:

Most importantly, if you are lucky enough to be a Pokéstop and want your library to be a gathering place for Pokémon Gopatrons, you’ll want tolearn how to place a lureand thenrefer to this articlefor some great ideas on what to do when the Pokémon Go hunters come calling.

Here’s how some libraries are advertising their lures (though keep in mind, lures will also advertise themselves!):

Lastly, if you aren’t a Pokéstop, there’s still stuff you can do. Check out some of these ideas you can adapt from this article about how small business can take advantage of the latest craze. Want to know how to find out if you are a Pokéstop or who your “local Pokémon” are? Check out the Poké Radar website or app to help your patrons “catch ‘em all”:


Want to Learn More? Borrow our AR Kit!

Pokémon Go depends on a concept called Augmented Reality or “AR,” for game play. That’s where, through the use of a viewing device (usually a smartphone or a tablet), a virtual image can be superimposed on the real world. Pokémon Go uses real-world locations as places where users can “find” and train Pokémon. You can’t see them with the naked eye, but they show up on your phone like this:

pokemon on grass


Did you know that SWON can help you and yourpatronslearn more about AR? You canborrow our Augmented Reality Kitfor FREE if you are an employee of aSupporting Member Libraryor for only $25 if you are part of ourGeographic Service Area. Cassondra would love to leave you with a few programming ideas, and can even show you how to make a Pokémon hang out at your service desk -- though, sadly, not the kind you can catch!

Check It Out!

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