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SWON Weekly: Staff Training Symposium and our First Summer Reading Workshop

Monday, August 29, 2016   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Cassondra Vick
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Keeping up with the Trends

It can be hard to keep up.


There’s a lot of great information out there, but who has the time to keep up with all these trends? At the same time, if you work with populations like Young Adults, Tweens, or Emerging Adults, how can you afford not to? After all, this is where they are at and this is the world they live in. If you do not inhabit it, you risk failing to meet the needs of your patrons. You risk becoming irrelevant.


People ask every day, “Do we still need libraries?”


You want the answer to be a resounding “Yes!” And, yes, of course they do! Not only because reports of the books’ demise were greatly over-exaggerated, but because of the other things libraries can provide. We can provide training, digital access, online collections, curated information and serve the ever-growing need for third spaces.


But, again, we cannot do any of this if we cannot keep ahead of the curve.


Just a little less than one year ago, the American Library Association launched its “Libraries Transform” campaign. This campaign identifies many trends which are relevant to the modern day library -- the library that wants to both transform lives and transform itself. These trends include topics you may be intimately familiar with, some that you may be aware of and others with which may not seem familiar at all.


We here at SWON make it our mission to help you keep up. To help you transform. But also to help you build on what you already know and connect it to these new trends, which often rely on good, old-fashioned librarianship. To that end, we are using the “Libraries Transform” trends as our guide for this years’ Staff Training Symposium.


All types of library workers from all types of libraries -- from public library associates to academic library managers -- are encouraged to attend this invigorating full-day event to learn about the trends that are driving modern youth and how we can all work together to capitalize on them. We’ll be covering subjects from a broad range of ALA-identified trends such as Fandom, being Unplugged, or Income Inequality.


Because you need to know what’s next. And because it can be hard to keep up. But we are here to help. Libraries Transform and SWON supports.


See you in September,

~ Cassondra Vick, MLIS
Technology Educator, SWON Libraries

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Join us at the Newport Branch of the Campbell County Public Library as we explore ways that libraries can transform using the trends that make up the American Library Association's Libraries Transform Campaign. Follow the event on twitter with #STS16

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Join your fellow Children's Librarians for this full-day summer reading workshop featuring next summer's theme: Build a Better World. Sponsored in part through LSTA funds awarded by the State Library of Ohio.

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