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Tuesday, December 5, 2017   (0 Comments)
Posted by: Emily Wages
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Coding Without Computers

Every day, we are surrounded by computers and code. Most of us know how to operate these machines, but fewer people actually know how computers work on the inside, let alone how to write or use code. In the foreseeable future, computers and coding will have an increasing presence in our lives and in the workforce. In order to prepare today’s youth to become tomorrow’s technology innovators, we can start with teaching them how to think in code. This type of thinking is called “computational thinking.”

What IS computational thinking? Computational thinking includes breaking tasks down into smaller parts in order to explain processes more clearly, looking for and using patterns to complete tasks in a more efficient & effective way, filtering out information that is not necessary to solve a problem, and developing step-by-step instructions to solve a problem. This type of thinking is essential to the development of computer applications, but it can also be used to support problem solving across all disciplines, including math, science, and the humanities.. Whether or not someone desires a future in computer science, learning to think computationally helps people become analytical problem-solvers.

To become fluent in the language of computers, learning to think in code from a young age is helpful. This is where “coding without computers” comes into play: exposure to computational thinking without actually writing code or creating programs. At SWON, our Tech to Lend program is full of toys that help children (and adults) develop computational thinking. We offer a large variety of coding tech, from preschool to adult level:

  • Kano Pixel Kits (5)
  • Code-a-pillar, with extra coding segments (3)
  • Code & Go Robot Mouse Activity Set (with "My First Coding Book")
  • Cubelets (with Legos for building cool robots!)
  • Cubetto Playset Coding Toy
  • Dash & Dot Educator Pack (5 robots + accessories)
  • Little Bits Educator Edition Code Kit (up to 18 students or groups)
  • Ozobot EVO Classroom Kit (12 Ozobots & Lessons)

There are also many basic coding applications to give a try online: CSisFun is a free website that lists dozens of coding games by grade level and on LightBot users can use programmer-style logic to tell the bot what to do. These technology toys and apps give children, teens, and adults the opportunity to learn coding and computational thinking in a non-threatening way. Where traditional computer coding can scare off newbies, these types of products give us the chance to make coding a part of everyday life for people young and old. Whether you want something extremely basic or more complex and technical, we have something in our Tech to Lend collection for you! Click here to borrow one of our coding toys today!

Emily Wages, MLIS
Emergent Trends & Technology Educator


Perfect Your PowerPoint Presentations

Have you ever been bored to death by a presentation that involves someone reading directly from Powerpoint slides for an hour? I would bet that you have! We’ve all seen it: the presenter has crammed whole paragraphs of information onto each slide and reads them verbatim from the computer or (even worse) the projection screen. You probably think to yourself: “Why am I even here? I could just read this myself!” Maybe you’ve also been the presenter, at a loss for how to effectively use Powerpoint to keep your audience engaged. Fret not, because there are plenty of ways to make your presentations unique, fun, and engaging.

Powerpoint can be a great tool, once we learn how to properly utilize it. Many presenters make errors like using distracting special effects, clipart, templates that don’t match their idea, too-small font, too much text, and rely too heavily on reading from the screen. Powerpoint should be a presentation enhancement, not the presentation itself. It is important to not let the slides do all the work and instead have a speech prepared that the slides simply support with bullet points or short phrases and graphics. Reading from slides is bad for audience engagement and retention of information!

If you’re looking to become a Powerpoint professional, look no further than our upcoming webinar “Powerpoint for Presentations” by Amanda Koziura, Digital Learning & Scholarship librarian and manager of the Freedman Center for Digital Scholarship. In this webinar, you will learn to utilize storytelling techniques to create engaging PowerPoint presentations. Amanda will also be discussing design tips and resources for images, templates, and other design aspects that are great alternatives to the generic clipart and templates you’re probably used to. Join us December 7th at 11am to take your presentations up a notch!


PowerPoint for Presentations
FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$20 for members in our Ohio service area
$25 for everyone else
12/07/2017 - Online

  Register Here  


PCI Webinar - Solving Your Delegating Dilemma

You know you should. You wish you could. But delegation has never been your strong suit.

Take heart! This is definitely an area you can improve in – it just takes knowing yourself, knowing your employees, and knowing how to put that knowledge to work for you! In this webinar, you’ll learn specific tips to help you delegate effectively – not just more – and you’ll also discover why doing so is important to your success as a supervisor. 

Can't attend on the date and time listed? Anyone who registers in advance for PCI Webinars will receive an archived copy of the presentation for later viewing. SWON provides PCI Webinars to our Supporting Members for free (and to Geographic Members and everyone else at a reduced price), so there's no reason not to register today! 


PCI Webinar - Solving Your Delegating Dilemma
for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$20 for members in our Ohio service area
$25 for everyone else
12/12/2017 - Online

  Register Here  

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      Webinar - The Opioid Epidemic and Libraries—Challenges, Resources, and More
FREE (an American Libraries event)
12/11/2017 - Online

Webinar - Developing a Strategic Plan for Volunteer Engagement
FREE (a VolunteerMatch event)
12/12/2017 - Online

Webinar - Amplifying Community Engagement
FREE (a LibraryJournal event)
12/12/2017 - Online

Webinar - Dealing with Difficult People in the Workplace
FREE (a SirsiDynix event)
12/12/2017 - Online

Webinar - MicroLearning + Manager Training = High Performing Employees
FREE (a TrainingMag event)
12/12/2017 - Online

PCI Webinar - Solving Your Delegating Dilemma
FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$20 for members in our Ohio service area
$25 for everyone else
12/12/2017 - Online

Webinar - Tips and Tricks: mysimpleshow DIY Explainer Video Creator
FREE (an AASL event)
12/12/2017 - Online

Webinar - Government Information Resources for Teaching English as a Second Language
FREE (a Federal Depository event)
12/13/2017 - Online

Webinar - STEM Events for Your Library’s 2018 Programming
FREE (a STARNet event)
12/13/2017 - Online

Fall 2017 Membership Meeting
$25 if joining for lunch
12/14/2017 - Dayton, OH

PCI Webinar - Board Books 101: From Selection to Programming Use and Everything In Between
FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$20 for members in our Ohio service area
$25 for everyone else
12/14/2017 - Online


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      Level-Up Lab: StrengthsFinder Workshop
1/23/2018 - In-Person

Spring Summer Reading Program Workshop 2018 - Libraries Rock
3/8/2018 - In-Person

3rd Annual Nonfiction Read-In with Graphic Novels
3/22/2018 - In-Person

Computers in Libraries 2018 - Arlington, VA
4/17/2018 to 4/19/2018 - In-Person

National Library Legislative Day - Washington, DC
5/7/2018 to 5/8/2018 - In-Person


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