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SWON News - Summer Reading, Computers in Libraries, and Managing Others

Friday, January 26, 2018  
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SWON is a nonprofit that serves libraries in Kentucky and Ohio

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SWON Spring Summer Reading Program Workshop 2018 - Libraries Rock!

Librarians know the value of summer reading - without continued reading & learning throughout the summer, children can fall behind in school before the school year even starts - the summer setback. According to ALA, reading even just four to five books over the course of the summer can prevent a child from suffering said setback.  Access to libraries and summer reading programs help to enrich children's summer learning and bridge this gap - especially those in low income areas, who are statistically the most likely to suffer such a setback due to various factors. According to Urban Libraries Council, "public libraries are in an ideal position to deliver education programs over the summer because of their strengths as trusted community hubs for learning. As community education leaders, libraries provide a safe atmosphere with the unique ability to engage entire families and provide flexible learning experiences through diverse formats." The Collaborative Summer Library Program (CSLP) is a consortium working to provide high-quality summer reading program materials for children, teens, and adults at the lowest cost possible for public libraries. CSLP started 31 years ago when ten library systems developed a summer library program for children, choosing a theme, artwork, and incentives that libraries across regions could use. State libraries and systems continued to join and CSLP continues to evolve, but its guiding principle remains the same: librarians sharing ideas, expertise and costs to produce a high-quality summer reading program.

The Collaborative Summer Reading program theme for this year is "Libraries Rock!"  On March 8th, SWON's Spring Summer Reading Program Workshop will help get you ready for this musical summer. Our workshop will feature presentations on making your own instruments, learning how to strum a ukulele, music-based STEM programming, library recording studios, and more! Don't use the collaborative theme? No problem -- there's still plenty here that you can use for programming all year long!

Program Topics:

Music in Me: Literacy + Music + Communities
This is music adventure for all ages and families through a genre of picture books that adapt wonderful music and songs that all ages love into picture book format. We will look at specifically two of Amy Caswell's favorites: ONE LOVE and WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD. Amy will show you how to use them in programs to get everyone moving and grooving and singing along. Something as simple as a sing-a-long has the ability to immediately spark a sense of community in the room, space, or park that the musical adventure is happening. Amy will show how she uses music in all her programs and the tools of the trade sort of speak that have made her life so much easier. Plus to get you up and awake this bright morning, she'll show you the ever popular Freeze Dance, that she uses in toddler and preschool programs as well as some music trivia to get you prepped and ready for "Libraries Rock!".

Recording & Podcasting Studios in Libraries
Public libraries across the nation have begun to offer recording studios - but how and why? According to American Libraries, “The rise of relatively inexpensive [or free] audio and video recording software… has made it possible for libraries to offer access to technology never thought possible even a decade ago.” Libraries can now offer a variety of digital recording equipment & software as well as the space to use them. There are a lot of options when it comes to creating your own library’s recording space - depending on your users, location, budget, space, and available time, your needs for a recording studio may be a bit different from another library’s. This presentation aims to provide resources for all libraries to help you get started with your own recording studio - no matter your budget or the size of your space. 

Exploring Music-based STEM Programs
Music in programming can go way beyond a ukulele and singing nursery rhymes! The science of sound can be addressed with music and fun, hands-on activities, and concepts can be extended to include waves and light. From rubber band instruments to DIY record players, explore music-based STEM concepts!

Learn to Make Simple Instruments and Experiment with Sound!
Learn how to make a box guitar and craft stick harmonicas.  Experiment with shakers of all types and sizes using sand, rice or beans for different effects.  Then bring in all types of recycling, buckets, and other common items to “Stomp Your Library.”  Use dowel rods and tennis balls for drum sticks and mallets!  Have you ever seen a hose horn?  Collect those old leaky garden hoses!!!

Baritone Ukulele for Children’s Librarians
Learn up to 5 basic chords in this beginner session and learn how to use simple songs and parodies with your story times.  You will be introduced to one chord, two chord and three chord songs that you can use over and over!  Children love live music even if you only use it to open your program.  (We will be using Baritone Ukuleles not Soprano which have a different fingering system.  The Baritone uses the same fingering as the lower four strings of a guitar.)

Idea Share

Attendees will share program, service, and other related ideas for Libraries Rock!


Amy Caswell has worked in a public library setting for the past 5 years in a variety of positions--from circulation clerk, a bookmobile assistant, a reference assistant, an ILL guru, an ATS programmer, and finally as a Children's Service's Librarian. She graduated from IUPUI in June of 2016 with an MLS in Youth Services. She currently works at Campbell County Public Library's Newport Branch as the Children's Service Librarian and lives in Northern Kentucky with her husband and two spoiled Blue Russian kitties. 

Emily Wages is the Emergent Trends and Technology Educator for SWON Libraries Consortium. She attended Miami University for her BS in Education and earned her MLIS at Kent State University. She has worked with adults, teens, and children in libraries for five years. Most recently, her work as a library programming specialist concentrated on creating and presenting programs on a variety of topics including basic to advanced technology, maker projects, and community health and wellness. She has a passion for teaching library skills and information literacy as well as advocating for access to information for all.

Jennifer Beach is a Children’s Programmer at the Kenton County Public Library, where she has been for 29+ years. She is a Certified Professional Environmental Educator, and holds the KY Early Care and Education Training (EE Specialty) credential. Jennifer grew up in a musical household and has always been a self-described science nerd.  Although she does not sing well, she does sing; and can play the piano, flute, piccolo, and baritone horn, as well as the kazoo and palm pipes. 

Alice Beresford joined the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County three years ago after ten years as Youth Services Librarian at Mason Public Library in Warren County.  Before that she taught K-8 Music and Drama for twenty years. She has given Ukulele lessons for SWON, Lane Public Libraries and PLCH since 2012. She is a Children's Librarian at the Monfort Heights Branch of Cincinnati Library.


9:30am Doors Open

9:30 to 10:00am Registration, Breakfast, and Introductions

10:00 to 10:50am Music in Me: Literacy + Music + Communities, presented by Amy Caswell, Campbell County Public Library

11:00 to 11:50am  Recording & Podcasting Studios in Libraries, presented by Emily Wages, SWON Libraries Consortium

12:00 to 12:50pm  Lunch

1:00 to 1:50pm Libraries Rock! Exploring Music-based STEM Programs, presented by Jennifer Beach,Kenton County Public Library

2:00 to 2:50pm Learn to Make Simple Instruments and Experiment with Sound!, presented by Alice Beresford, Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County

3:00 to 3:50pm  Ukulele 101, presented by Alice Beresford, Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County

4:00 to 4:30pm  Idea Share & Feedback


Food and beverages are included in the cost. We can accommodate many special food requests. When you register, you will be given food choice options and a write-in area if you need to explain more.

Sponsored in part through LSTA funds awarded by the State Library of Ohio. 

Emily Wages, MLIS
Emergent Trends & Technology Educator, SWON Libraries


Spring Summer Reading Program Workshop
$40 for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$50 for members in our Ohio service area
$75 for everyone else
03/08/2018 9:30 - 4:30 pm
Highland County District Library, Greenfield Branch
1125 Jefferson St
Greenfield, Ohio  45123

  Register Here  


Computers in Libraries 2018 - Arlington, VA

Our world has been dealing with becoming digital for almost 30 years, but the next frontier, digital transformation is now upon us. This year, Computers in Libraries will delve deeper into library models, strategies, transformational technologies, creative processes, and innovative programs while looking for new and exciting solutions to engage communities and have positive impacts on members.

At Computers in Libraries, you'll hear from excellent and innovative libraries, network and learn from leaders in the field, and definitely be an active participant. Mark your calendar now to join your peers in Arlington, VA in 2018!

Who should attend?

•  Academic, public, corporate, government, special, and school librarians
•  Library directors and executives
•  Information managers
•  Information architects and specialists
•  Researchers
•  System professionals
•  Content managers
•  Technical managers
•  Information professionals

Why you should attend?

DISCOVER the insights, strategies and practices that allow us to push the envelope in expanding the net, managing libraries and digital information, and enhancing the information sharing and learning experience of people in our communities.

NETWORK with your peers during interactive events, including special evening programs, receptions, and dine-arounds, and connect on social media before, during, and after the conference.

GAIN access to leading-edge companies in the exhibit hall offering vistors a choice of products covering all aspects of library technology, including web-based products and services, integrated library and information systems, online services, document delivery services, internet software tools, content suppliers, search services, and more.

MEET and hear from the leaders in the information industry in all types of environments — they are integrating content and delighting their clients, organizing and managing digital content in creative ways, setting the context for excellence in information utilization in their organizations, revolutionizing the roles of info pros, building strong collaborative communities among their customers and colleagues, and using new technologies in exciting ways. 

Register using this link for a huge discount!


Computers in Libraries 2018
04/17/2018 - 04/19/2018 - Hyatt Regency Crystal City
2799 Jefferson Davis Hwy
Arlington, Virginia  22202

  Register Here  


PCI Webinar - Effectively Managing Others: 10 Strategies to Create a Quality Workplace

Before you can consider yourself a leader, you need to develop effective management skills. Many focus on quality leadership before mastering the art of management. Management can be challenging, but results are achieved when employees are satisfied in their positions, have opportunities to grow, and feel they are part of a team.

In this interactive and informative session, we will discuss strategies that successful managers use to ensure a welcoming workplace environment that promotes employee retention and development.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Identify the qualities of an effective manager.
  • Develop management skills through multiple approaches.
  • Develop a daily routine to contribute to the smooth operation of any size library.

Can't attend on the date and time listed? Anyone who registers in advance for PCI Webinars will receive an archived copy of the presentation for later viewing. SWON provides PCI Webinars to our Supporting Members for free (and to Geographic Members and everyone else at a reduced price), so there's no reason not to register today! 


PCI Webinar - Effectively Managing Others
FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$15 for members in our Ohio service area
$20 for everyone else
02/06/2018 - Online

  Register Here  

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Please register for SWON & PCI events by the Friday before they take place


Webinar - The Incredible Times: A News & Media Literacy Game from Common Sense Education
FREE (a edWEB event)
2/5/2017 - Online

Mock Printz
FREE (a Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County Event)
2/6/2017 - Cincinnati, OH

PCI Webinar - Effectively Managing Others: 10 Strategies to Create a Quality Workplace
FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$15 for members in our Ohio service area
$20 for everyone else
2/6/2017 - Online

Webinar - Lunch at the Library: Nourishing Bodies and Minds
FREE (a WebJunction event)
2/6/2017 - Online

Webinar - The Well-Connected Employee: Networking Competencies
FREE (an HRDQ-U event)
2/7/2017 - Online

SWON Webinar - Just the Facts: Countering Fake News in Libraries
FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$15 for members in our Ohio service area
$20 for everyone else
2/7/2017 - Online

Webinar - Measuring Success: How to Strategically Assess Your Program
FREE (a VolunteerMatch event)
2/8/2017 - Online

Webinar - Autism and Mood Disorders: Assessment & Intervention
FREE (an edWeb event)
2/8/2017 - Online

PCI Webinar - Best Children’s Books of 2017
FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$15 for members in our Ohio service area
$20 for everyone else
2/15/2017 - Online


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      Spring Summer Reading Program Workshop 2018 - Libraries Rock
3/8/2018 - In-Person

3rd Annual Nonfiction Read-In with Graphic Novels
3/22/2018 - In-Person

Computers in Libraries 2018 - Arlington, VA
4/17/2018 to 4/19/2018 - In-Person

National Library Legislative Day
5/7/2018 to 5/8/2018 - Online and In-Person

Annual Conference of The Ohio Valley Group of Technical Services Librarians - Notre Dame, IN
5/13/2018 to 5/15/2018 - In-Person


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