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SWON News - Is 3D Printing Still Relevant?, Tech Ed, and much more!

Friday, March 16, 2018   (0 Comments)
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Is 3D Printing Still Relevant? 

Does it seem like the hype around 3D printing is dying down? Personally, I've heard less about it in general news sources this past year than I did from 2013-2016 and it seems like the average library patron has at least heard of 3D printing. This is very different from five years ago. Is it that 3D printers are no longer relevant to our patrons and students? Are they bored with it, intimidated by it, or think it's just not usable in their lives? 

Over the past several years, 3D printing has become more ubiquitous and easier for the public to access. Many public libraries have 3D printers in their makerspaces, tech centers, or available to borrow. There are myriad 3D printing management software programs available through manufacturers as well as online in open source format.  Users have access to a huge amount of free and open source 3D print models from sites like Thingiverse, which allow us to use other's designs as well as share our own. According to a recent study at Michigan Technological University, families who bought a personal, entry-level 3D printer and used it for six months for household fixes and projects broke even on the cost of printer and supplies in approximately six months. Over five years, printing a few objects that were used around the house (such as spoon holders, shower heads, or camera lens hoods), the study showed an approximate 1,000% return on investment. 

If household 3D printing can break even in that amount of time, libraries can find even more ways to get their money's worth out of their machine, even if only staff 
use it.  For instance, you can improve and fix things in our building, printing items like shelf brackets, bookends, presentation props, door stops, and more! You can save money in your budget and give your patrons examples of how they may be able to make use of your equipment for their home projects.

Just like with today's computers, tablets, internet, and printers/copiers, not everyone will have the privilege of access to 3D printing at home. Even though, according to Jason Griffey in American Libraries Magazine, prices continue to drop and one day, 3D printers may become "as commonplace as laser printers," libraries will continue to be the place to access resources one may not have access to otherwise. These resources will include 3D printing, especially as it becomes accepted as a common place tool. Like always, as the times change, libraries change with them. 

Are you or your library interested in 3D printing but nervous to take the plunge? Members of supporting libraries can visit our webinar archive and check out the webinar "3D Printers: What to Ask Before You Buy" which will give you insight as to what 3D printers will get you the most bang for our buck. You can also borrow SWON's 3D printers through our Tech to Lend program and take them for a test drive. We currently offer the daVinci Mini and Flashforge printers; soon we will be debuting our most advanced 3D printer, Robo 3D's R1+ printer. Several area libraries have used them for programs already, including this one in which Clara Gerner at Campbell County Public Library employed our Flashforge to create dice towers for her Dungeons and Dragons program! 

Once again, feel free to check out our Tech to Lend page for this and more tech you can borrow for low cost or even free. I'll even come out and help you set it up. Looking forward to working with you and if you have any questions about Tech to Lend or 3D printers, feel free to reach out to me!

Emily Wages, MLIS
Emergent Trends & Technoloy Educator, SWON Libraries


PCI Webinar - Ed Tech Trends and Challenges 2018: 
Transforming Information into Action

Drawing from research completed for the NMC (New Media Consortium) Horizon Report and other resources, participants in this highly-interactive webinar will explore the latest developments, trends, and challenges in educational technology with an eye toward finding ways to apply that first-rate content to our own training, teaching, and learning offerings for staff and library users.

Taking a Flipped Classroom model approach, we are links to resources below so participants can skim these concise overviews. The live webinar will include brief summaries of key findings designed to be included in the report and include plenty of time for participants to compare their own workplace-based observations and develop rudimentary action plans for using those findings to the benefit of those they serve.

Participants, by the time they leave the session, will:

  • Be able to demonstrate familiarity with at least three tech trends, three tech challenges, and three critically important technologies
  • Identify at least three ways that colleagues in libraries are using the technologies under discussion
  • Have at least two resources they can explore to increase their knowledge of tech trends and challenges

Please note: Although the information collected for the Horizon Report focuses specifically on higher education, the discussion will take a more inclusive view to apply the findings to public and other libraries.

Those who want to take advantage of the Flipped Classroom-model approach are encouraged to skim/view the following resources before attending the session:

“NMC Horizon Report: 2017 Higher Education Edition” 
NMC (New Media Consortium)

“NMC Horizon Report: 2017 Library Edition” 
NMC (New Media Consortium)

Paul Signorelli, author of the forthcoming Change the World Using Social Media (Rowman & Littlefield, fall 2018) and co-author of Workplace Learning & Leadership with Lori Reed (ALA Editions, 2011), served as director of staff training for the San Francisco Public Library system before becoming an independent writer-trainer-instructional designer-presenter-social media strategist-consultant. He collaborates with clients and colleagues to identify and work with current trends in ways that help them better serve members of the communities with which they work; has served on New Media Consortium (NMC) Horizon Project expert panels identifying and documenting educational-technology developments, trends, and challenges in libraries and other learning organizations since 2010; is a member of the ALA Library & Information Technology Association (LITA), and writes extensively to document and promote ed-tech innovations. He earned his MLIS through the University of North Texas online program, and remains active in training-teaching-learning through ALA and ATD (the Association for Talent Development) at a variety of levels.

Can't attend on the date and time listed? Anyone who registers in advance for PCI Webinars will receive an archived copy of the presentation for later viewing. SWON provides PCI Webinars to our Supporting Members for free (and to Geographic Members and everyone else at a reduced price), so there's no reason not to register today! 


PCI Webinar - Ed Tech Trends and Challenges 2018
FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$15 for members in our Ohio service area
$20 for everyone else
3/29/2018 - Online

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SWON Level-Up Lab: Bullet Journals

Have you seen bullet journaling mentioned online? Want to teach your patrons, but don't know where to start?

Join Emilly Wages, SWON's Emergent Trends & Technology Educator, to discover what a bullet journal is, how it works, and how you can facilitate a bullet journaling program at your own library or school! The Bullet Journal is a customizable and forgiving organization system for people of all ages. It can be your to-do list, sketchbook, notebook, and diary, but most likely, it will be all of the above. It will teach you to do more with less!

We will learn how to set up our own "bujos" and receive many physical and online resources for teaching others how to set up and use theirs as well. We will also brain storm with one another about how bullet journaling can be used in our professional and daily lives, as well as in the lives of our patrons/students. Finally, we will discuss how we can create programming to bring this organization system to our patrons. 

In this two hour level-up lab, you will receive a starter notebook (a small notebook with lines) to take home with you. If you would like to begin work on your book during the lab, please feel free to bring any supplies you'd like to use: washi tape, pens, stickers, stencils, etc. If you would rather, you are also welcome to purchase and bring your own bullet journal as well (a dot grid, lined, or even graph paper notebook will all work). 


Level Up Lab: Bullet Journals
$ Free 
3/28/2018 - SWON Libraries Conference Room
10250 Alliance Rd
Next to Suite 135
Blue Ash, Ohio  45242

  Register Here  

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      PCI Webinar - Supporting and Developing Staff: Building Library Leaders Through Better Management
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Level-Up Lab - Bullet Journals
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PCI Webinar - Ed Tech Trends and Challenges 2018: Transforming Information into Action
FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$15 for members in our Ohio service area
$20 for everyone else
3/29/2018 - Online

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PCI Webinar - The Basics of Project Management
FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$15 for members in our Ohio service area
$20 for everyone else
4/10/2018 - Online


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