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SWON News: Fines, Social Media, and ALAO Diversity

Monday, April 16, 2018   (0 Comments)
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New Thinking on Library Fines

Most libraries charge fines - it's a fact of life, right? A 2017 survey conducted by Library Journal indicates that over 90% of libraries charge late fees. However, the looming threat of accumulating fines for overdue materials is a large factor in keeping children, teens, and low-income families from checking out items and sometimes from even visiting the library.  Fortunately, there are libraries all over the globe experimenting with new ways to handle these late materials and fees. In fact, according to the same survey, over 60% of libraries have some "alternative" way to pay these fines.  

Some libraries, like Chicago Public and Los Angeles Public, have created several-day-long amnesty programs which include fine forgiveness for return of an item, no matter if it's three days or three years late. Patrons are still charged replacement fees for lost items, but if you pay to replace the item they will also forgive any late fines it had accumulated (this seems to be a general rule in fine forgiveness - if it's really lost, you will have to replace it, but the overdue cost will still be taken off). Other popular strategies for fine forgiveness are programs like food drives for local charities. Many area libraries (including Lane, MidPointe, Green County, Cleveland, and more) do these drives at various times of the year, usually taking a dollar off of a patron's fines for each food item or can they bring in.

These types of programs can still be exclusionary to those low-income patrons who can't afford fines or a donation of food. For these types of situations, many libraries are starting "read down your fines" programs in which patrons can read for certain amounts of time in exchange for fine forgiveness. Queens Library allows patrons to sign up for their read down program at their customer service desk; for every half hour a patron reads, they get one "library buck" which can be used on any library fines or fees. Other libraries have programs like "work down your fines" in which patrons can help out with shelving or other library tasks in exchange for fine forgiveness

Finally, there is the concept of "fine free" libraries. For some, this means no fines for children and/or teens while adults are still charged late fees. For others like Columbus Metro and Stark County it means no late fees for any patrons. This does not mean there no consequences for unreturned materials, for example, Columbus blocks borrowing for patrons with items over three weeks late and charges a replacement fee after thirty-five days. Both of these charges are refunded if the item is found and later returned, however. As librarians, we believe in access to information for all, and when things like fees gets in the way of that access, we can work toward solutions that make our institutions even more accessable to all, whether that solution is going totally fine free or using one of many other fine-forgiveness options. What is right for your library?

If you're looking to learn more about the details and how-tos of going fine free from someone who has experienced the change, join Charlie Hansen, Public Services Director of Columbus Metropolitan Library, in a SWON webinar on May 8, 2018. If you can't make it on that day, register anyway, because you will receive an archived copy of the webinar as well as any related materials! 

Emily Wages, MLIS
Emergent Trends & Technology Educator, SWON Libraries


PCI Webinar - Using Facebook and Email to Build Support

Two of the most powerful digital platforms right now are email and Facebook. While each of these can be used independently, they become powerful when used together. In this session, we’ll look at how to build digital strategies around both Facebook and email and how to use them together to build support for your library. Throughout this webinar we’ll dive into the deeper aspects of Facebook for Business like audience insights, ad manager, power editor, and more. 

We’ll also look at how organizations properly use email so that they get such spectacular results and explore the data and strategies behind email success with the latest research. Finally, we’ll demonstrate and explain the best practices for email, and explain how libraries can use these tactics to increase support, funding, and awareness for libraries.


Using Facebook & Email to Build Support 
$FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$15 for members in our Ohio service area
$20 for everyone else
4/24/2018 - Online

  Register Here  


2018 ALAO Diversity Workshop – Actively Inclusive: Libraries Speak Up!!

Spend a day with library colleagues sharing libraries’ efforts toward reaching underserved and diverse populations, participating in challenging conversations in our communities, and promoting equity and inclusive practice.

Attendees will:

  • Learn from library outreach programs focusing on diverse academic audiences and community populations
  • Learn about inclusive practices related to serving library personnel, as well as recruitment and retention of a diverse workforce
  • Hear about professional development opportunities that help participants increase their understanding of power and privilege

Program runs 9:45AM-4:00PM. Registration starts at 9AM. Register online here


2018 ALAO Diversity Workshop – Actively Inclusive: Libraries Speak Up!!
05/10/2018 - State Library of Ohio
274 E. 1st. Ave., Columbus, Ohio, 43201

  Register Here  

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      edWEB Webinar - End Peer Cruelty, Build Empathy: Create Safe, Caring, Inclusive Learning Climates
FREE (an edWeb event)
4/23/2018 - Online

Reviewers of Young Adult Literature (ROYAL) - Central KY
$50 per year for employees of Supporting Member Institutions to Join ROYAL
$100 per year for everyone else to Join ROYAL
Free books included with cost!
4/24/2018 - Lexington, KY

PCI Webinar - Using Facebook and Email to Build Support
FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$20 for members in our Ohio service area
$25 for everyone else
4/24/2018 - Online

HRDQ-U - Performance Consulting: What Is It and Why Do It?
FREE (an HRDQ-U event)
4/25/2018 - Online

Reviewers of Young Adult Literature (ROYAL) - Troy
$50 per year for employees of Supporting Member Institutions to Join ROYAL
$100 per year for everyone else to Join ROYAL
Free books included with cost!
4/26/2018 - Troy, OH

Ohio Ready to Read - Early Literacy 101
4/26/2018 - City, ST

edWEB Webinar - Effective Discipline Policies for Young Children
FREE (an edWeb event)
5/1/2018 - Online

Reviewers of Young Adult Literature (ROYAL) - NKY
$50 per year for employees of Supporting Member Institutions to Join ROYAL
$100 per year for everyone else to Join ROYAL
Free books included with cost!
5/2/2018 - Newport, KY

INFOhio Webinar - Music, Maps, and Minds: Digital Learning Beyond Classroom Walls
FREE (an INFOhio event)
5/3/2018 - Online

Take 5: For Teens, With Teens
$25 (Not a SWON Event)
5/4/2018 - Loudonville, OH


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      Spring 2018 Membership Meeting
5/24/2018 - In-person Erlanger, KY

Save the Date: Opioids in Communities: Libraries in Response
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Internet Librarian 2018
10/16/2018 to 10/18/2018 - In-person Monterey, California

Brick & Click, an academic library conference
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