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SWON News - Teen Reading Challenge, Working with Angry Customer Behaviors, and D&D

Friday, January 18, 2019  
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SWON is a nonprofit that serves libraries in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky

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Teen Reading Challenge - Last Chance to Sign Up!

Need an excuse to read YA? Want to show off your reading skills? The Teen Reading Challenge is for you! As one of our most popular events, the Teen Reading Challenge encourages librarians and library staff to read materials for teens. What is the Teen Reading Challenge? Teams compete to see who has the best average of pages read during February and March! The top three teams will receive lovely prizes!

Want to join? First, you need to create a team of at least three people including yourself! Second, decide who the team captain will be for they are responsible for forwarding information about the challenge to their teammates. Finally, read! Any YA books or books with teen appeal will be logged using a team LibraryThing account. Only books read between February 1st and March 31st can count for this challenge. Please inform us of how many people are on your team when you sign-up as well as your team name.

The earlier you register, the sooner you can prepare for the challenge and receive your group LibraryThing account. We encourage you to create your teams as soon as possible. The deadline to form and register teams is January 25th. Please inform us of how many people are on your team when you sign-up as well as your team name! Email with this info and any questions you have. 

More details and in-depth rules are located on this page: Reach out to me if you have any questions or you can send a general inquiry to the SWON Infobox ( We look forward to hearing from you. Good luck! Last day to sign-up is January 25th.  

Deanna Piña, MSLS
CE Coordinator
, SWON Libraries


PCI Webinar - Working with Angry Customer Behaviors

Oh yes…they’re out there and they’re coming to your library. Angry, nasty and even downright unreasonable customers on a mission to tell and show you how they feel. Their behaviors really are difficult! 

The good news is that you can choose to not let them drag you down or ruin your day. And by using a few proven techniques and questions some of these angry customers could actually leave feeling better!

The Dealing with Angry Customer Behaviors webinar is an interactive program filled with practical and useful information that you’ll be using to more effectively handle your Angry Customers the next time they are in front of you!


Working with Angry Customer Behaviors
FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$15 for members in our Ohio service area
$20 for everyone else
2/20/2019 - Online

  Register Here  


SWON Level-Up Lab: Roll for Initiative! Why you should have D&D at your library

Attend this popular Level-Up Lab to learn about the roleplaying game Dungeons & Dragons. For the first hour, you'll hear about the history of the game, the skills it imparts to the players, and how you can run a D&D program at your very own library. In the second hour, the participants will play D&D to get a feel for the game and see the mechanics of what makes it work. Don't be shy if you have never seen D&D before, all levels of experience are welcome at this lab!

If you need to cancel your registration or would like to be placed on the wait list, please contact

Interested in this event, but it's full or at an inconvenient time? We have another listing for May 16th, check it out by clicking here.


D&D at Your Library
3/7/2019 - SWON Libraries Conference Room
10250 Alliance Rd
Next to Suite 115
Blue Ash, Ohio  45242

  Register Here  

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Please register for SWON & PCI events by the Friday before they take place


PCI Webinar - Spanish Storytime: Where to Start and How to Do It
FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$15 for members in our Ohio service area
$20 for everyone else
2/6/2019 - Online

SWON Webinar - 4C for Children: Who we are, what we do
FREE for employees of Supporting Member Institutions
$15 for members in our Ohio service area
$20 for everyone else
2/14/2019 - Online

HRDQ-U - Courageous Leadership: How to Build Backbone, Boost Performance, and Get Results
FREE (an HRDQ-U event)
2/20/2019 - Online

ALSC Webinar - Reading Life Between the Lines: Using Children's Literature for Tough Conversations 
Free (an ALSC event)
2/26/2019 - Online


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Spring Summer Reading Program Workshop 2018 - A Universe of Stories 
3/14/2019 - West Chester Township, OH

Computers in Libraries 2019 
3/26/2019 to 3/28/2019 - Arlington, VA

4th Annual Nonfiction Read-In + Graphic Novels 
4/4/2019 - Erlanger, KY

SWON Spring 2019 Membership Meeting 
4/30/2019 - The Hamilton Clermont Cooperative
1007 Cottonwood Dr
Loveland, Ohio  45103

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