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SWON Tech to Lend: 3D Printer - XYZ Printing da Vinci Mini (Beginner)
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daVinci Mini


Cost: free for Supporting/$30 Geographic*
Ages: 14+ recommended for independent operation, any age with supervision. 

Description:  The da Vinci Mini comes with several features that are often associated with much more complicated 3D printers like embedded Wi-Fi, which allows users to transmit files from their computers to the machine over Wi-Fi. It also has onboard data storage, which allows makers to upload object build files via USB, then walk away as the machine constructs it! 

The da Vinci mini uses proprietary PLA filament. You can only use XYZPrinting filament designed for this range of printers, as other PLAs will clog the da Vinci. The XYZ filaments are made using PLA plastics derived from corn starch, making them biocompostable and non-toxic, they are also tested extensively and are guaranteed to be DEHP-free and heavy-metal free. This filament is safe for the environment and children. Our printer comes with at least one roll of filament, and you can order extra when you reserve online

Included with all SWON Tech to Lend are online resources, including manuals, instructions, lesson plans, examples, & curriculum which can be found through Google Drive here

To borrow, please check the calendar below for open dates and then go to our Tech to Lend page to register for your items.


  • For Supporting Members, items are always FREE to borrow & pick up.
  • For members in our Ohio Service Area ("Geographic Members") pick up is free. Lending fees vary per item.
  • Delivery & return is billed at the federal mileage rate
  • Items can be reserved for 4 weeks & can be renewed if no one else has requested them.



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